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  1. Um karen is above all those you just mentioned and janis is the real queen of rock noone else deserves that damn title bitch

    • Tina Turner is The Queen of Rock and Roll !!
      And Madonna the Queen of Popmusic !
      Karen is the Queen of Funeral Music .
      Celine is the queen of all

  2. Cher and madona are the two most embaressing female voices of the 20th century patsy cline cass eliot billlie holiday tina turner karen carpenter aretha franklin carole king are all better then those two fakes

    • 1. Madonna 2. Aretha Franklin 3. Tina Turner 4. Cher 5. Celine Dion 6. Shakira 7. Britney Spears 8. Kylie Minock
      9. Lady GaGa 10. Nansy Sinatra .
      Not Karen !

  3. If i see Madonna i will her fuck in her bed with her point boob s !
    If i saw Karen i go to the toilet …. Euwww what an dusty sleep face , brrrrrr…
    If i see Cher i will kisses her ! And sing if you believed her now !!!

  4. Madonna haved more hit in her beginning than Karen , Karen did 10 years for she became as an hit female singer ? In her begin nobody wants her songs ? RCA said Goodby to Karen ! And Madonna was in a notime an big sexy hit , every girl wants to be like Madonna , her hair her lipstick and her point boobs on stage the Bed in Madonna was a big Hit ! Everybody loves Madonna !
    Where is Karen ???? Is Karen finds in the old people rusty house on the radio ?? Zzzzzzz… sleep on Cimarron ?

  5. Hey up set angry Cimarron How do you think of Celine VS Karen ? Celine haved 300 milions more saled than drumsticky Karen ! Drums Karen !

  6. And your bitch ass better listen and listen good its judgmental fags like you that are the issue in this country shiw some respect or leave i hope they kick that fake ass cher out too

    • Hey old fragot Karen is for the funerals and for psygo s ! CHER is for happy good looking peoples and she can better in het body than tinny Karen ! Was Karen not an drumstick on stage ? lol

  7. Hahahhahah of course your a fake i agree with that 😂 and elvis would never associate himself with that slut lol

  8. Madonna s her face is the same as Elvis ! Wow Madonna her sweet horney loverly face is so horney , never can Karen the same horney face as Madonna !
    Elvis and Madonna the twins of music !!

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