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  1. Didn’t Whitney Houston die in a boiling bath tub with her logs floating on top of the steaming bubbles, her rather large honker packed with pure white cane?

    I’ve also read that her dead bod was abused on the steel wheeled table, just before she was sliced and diced at her 4 hour autopsy.

    • Just telling the reality of Whitney Houston’s embarrassing death. Since she was dead and famous, her boiled body was still taken to the morgue. The officer that was caught probing her body got in some “hot deep water.” She was steamed like a Lobster in the boiling bubbles. She shit upon death.

      Of course, Michael’s twisted corpse was violated as well. That makes me smile, knowing that that creep’s bod was not treated with respect. I do not get off on it but we do know that Wacko got off on n* pics of b*. Do you?

  2. Like ONJ, Michelle Jackson liked to get physical. Can’t you hear her body talk?

  3. As a 39 year fan i say Olivians im proud. 68 years old 3 years in a row sold out Vegas shows. January touring US UK and the list goes on. Not Active. Great job Olivia.

    • Been a Fan myself now for 42 years ( and counting! ) and love her as much as when I first fell in love with her all those years ago! – I hope she goes on and on and on for many more years yet!

      Great Britain’s – Well in fact! She is an English Rose! – so! – England’s greaest ever! Country and Western star! Selling over a 100 millions records worldwide ( and counting! ).

      May she continue to win this competition every single year for many many more years to come too!

      The Queen of Music Winner for the second time in a row! Hooray! Hooray!! Hooray!!! –

      Go Olivians! Go! Go!! Go!!! – We can do it again! Wooooo Hooooo!!!

  4. Two man to woman cross dressers, Michelle Jackson and the cat woman. Pucker up now, it’s time for some lip and tongue service. “I Am Woman.” Was Michelle ready to be Helen?

    Roar at daddy Joseph!

    • You obviously live in the stone ages if you don’t know who Joan Jett is!!! She was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, A voice coach on the Voice with Miley , and one of the greatest guitarists!!! You need to crawl out from under your rock!!!

  5. The Queen of Music contest is Rigged!!! There is no way that Olivia Newton John can be so far ahead of all the other women!!! Myself and all the Joan Jett fans are only allowed to vote one time per day for the Queen of Rock & Roll, Joan Jett!!! While it is obvious that people are voting numerous times per day for Olivia Newton John and I want this to STOP!!!! The so called administrator better look into this !!!!

    • Olivia still has massive numbers of Fans all around the world and so we are working as a worldwide Team of lovers of hers to vote for her into the top spot!

      Funny! That you accuse us of doing something that your Team have been doing all year yourselves – no! – Then you tell me how the Joan Jett Team in the absolute dead periods have been constantly adding in most days of each month upwards of 75 votes per second and on many many occassions over 350 per 30 ti 60 seconds!

      I have absolutely no idea how big your Team is but I can at least tell you that our Team is huge and spread all over the world.

      You wanna be more careful with your own thougghts before you go hurling around abuse and “Throwing stones” at others.

  6. “Just Like A Woman”
    “More Than A Woman”
    “I Am Woman” (hear Jacko roar)

    Michael/Michelle Jackson. If that she male was still alive, he/she/it could have played golf with Catlyn/Bruce Jenner.

  7. Michelle Jackson was beaten like her sister LaToya by the stern iron hand of Daddy Joseph. His fists flew like a butterfly, and stung like a bee. Sister Michelle later died at the hands of his greedy doc. He was slowly beaten in an ordeal that lasted many weeks. Concert promoter AEG was in on the conspiracy to murder the tipsy dancer for his music catalogue. With AEG’s brilliant cover, Sony finally owns 100% of Michelle’s investment.

  8. Michelle Jackson and her two twin sisters, Latoya and Janet should be disqualified due to massive cheating by the fairy’s supporters.

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