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  1. ONJ won with a massive lead last year. This time, she can not beat Joan Jett and Janet Jackson. Whitney Houston fans wake up now.

  2. C’mon, folks….stop the silliness of really bad music. Joanie Jett is a lesbo. Embarrassingly bad. Vote for Michael & Janet Jackson, brother and sister team of the century.

    • You are a homophobic asshole for calling Joanie names!!! Joan Jett”s accomplishments speak for themselves! She has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because she is GREAT!!! She is ranked as one of the top guitar players of all times! She is a huge contributor to animal rights and their welfare! Her accomplishments go on and on!
      While Michael Jackson was talented he was a c* m* and a freak! He was also a drug addict! He deserves nothing but to roy in hell for messing with * b*! Janet Jackson is a good singer but is not anywhere near the caliber of entertainer that Joan Jett is!, Sorry to burst you bubble but you are wrong!!!!!

    • Michael Jackson was a CHILD MOLESTER and rotting in HELL now! Janet Jackson is so so! JOAN JETT is the QUEEN! Also JOAN JETT is inducted into THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME that speaks volumes!!! Just stating the truth!

  3. We have rallied the Joan Jett Fans to Vote!! Joan has thousands of fans and we will be casting more and more votes!! JOAN JETT IS THE QUEEN OF ROCK & ROLL!!! She is and always will be the QUEEN!!!!!!

  4. Well Done Joan Jett Fan ITS now time to go to bed you have got her to the top tou now must be very tired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Yep, really it is! So, please Janet Jackson fans and Whitney Houston fans, stop vote now! Must to do it! Have a good day!

  5. That’s true. JJ fan which draws heavily on c* is determined to reach No. 1. Good luck!

  6. Oeee aa Oeee aa I liked Elvis more ! Oeeee Aaaa If My MJ boss was sings than i hidded me so high in the tree .
    But as ELVIS is singing on the radio i danced and rocks in the tree Oh Singing Tree !!!

  7. Ohhh looks at my red tattoo lips ….hiiiijjii I MJ the girly dancer around as an gay girly …oh so fine …. hihihi
    My ass is more an red lipsticks with banana from my chimp oeeoeeiieoee aaaaaarrrggg ..

    • Oooeeeooee aaaooee aa Ohh there is my banana s Oee its now Juck as s**** from my girly boss michael a* ? Oee help !

  8. The sad eyes, the tears, the sobs, the gut wrenching pleas…..ahhhhhh….what’s the matter?


  9. All the polls have been won all across the board for Michael and Janet Jackson, brother and sister, KING and Queen. Congrats to all Jackson family fans worldwide. Let us crush the racist p* Presley family and send those white devils packing. Hooray for the mighty Michael Jackson Army. Justice for Michael is here at last. Lisa Mary Pelvis can’t sing, but Michael Jackson f*cked her brains out and then dumped her used body when he was done with her. He tore her up, ripped her from end to end and made sure no other man would ever want her again. lol. You crazy pelvis freaks better pay Michael Jackson the ultimate respect that he deserves or you old fossils will be up shit creek without a paddle. Lol.

    • You are crazy if you believe Michael Jackson was able to do any harm to Lisa Marie Presley’s v*****! The only thing that Michael was able to tear up was l* boy’s b****!! Michael was a talented singer but that was overshadowed by the fact that he WAS a C* M*!!! He got exactly what he deserved -D*!!!!!

  10. I see that this year ONJ fans have stopped voting and LMP has surged ahead with the title of the queen of music, while her dead daddy is losing badly to KING Michael. LMP was f*cked blind by Michael Jackson. Lol. Gotta love those loyal pelvis fanatics. Get out of the way, granny and grumps. The world belongs to the true KING of music, Michael Jackson.

    • Olivia fans haven’t stopped voting–The problem is we can’t seem to get on the site TO VOTE!

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