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  1. Hahahahahaha i told every stupid madona fan that karen would win this fued but you didnt believe ne did you lol now karen is past adele and ella as well

  2. Madona sluts stay down when i kick you i am karen carpenters number one fan and i fight for her stay down or ill keep punching only warning

  3. Paris that proves how little you know about music your statment is so inaccurate i laugh ive listened to way way too many people and i can tell you mj is not the greatest elvis buddy holly elton John billy joel the beatles the eagles the mamas and the papas simon and garfunkel then theres the female vocalists aretha judy cass billie whitney karen carole joni do your reasrch you just proved yourself as idiotic as that statment

  4. What makes karen carpenter different from beyonca mariah Carey miley Cyrus and katty perry kRen could actually sing these idiots cant

  5. I think this site should investigate something I was told…you can vote once on your computer and then vote on your i phone..this is the reason MJ is ahead of Elvis..most of us Elvis fans don’t own i phones.

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