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  1. You compare lady gaga to karen carpenter no wonder your girlfriend dumped you smart move for her lol

    • Lady Gaga the show girl next to Madonna ! The best 2 Showgirls and they sings real on stage in a sexy outfits .
      Do you see Karen inher skeleton body in the same outfits as Madonna or Gaga ???? Oh my Lordy !

  2. Cimarron help i will be very depressed of Karen Carpens voice ..Oooh i feel so down of Karen s songs , no wonder she dont eat anymore ? ! … Madonna saved me now lalalalalala

    • We should keep all the comments positive! All of these women are talented! We just disagree on who is the best because we have our own taste in music! I happen to believe Joan Jett is the best and so do a lot of other people! All you have to do is look at the votes to see that Joanie is obviously LOVED by many!

  3. Hey Cry baby [ Cimarron } Is Lady Gaga not better than Karen ?
    If i listen to Lady Gaga then i am wake up , but by Karen i fall in sleep quickly …. Zzzzzzzz

  4. Cher is the Queen of Rock and Roll , I see Karen not to sing Rock songs ….uhhh mabey under the rock sleeping !

  5. Donna Summer sings happyer as the sleep voice of Karen Karpenter , Listen to Karen first and dream on Donna s song “” I Feel Love ” Yes thats makes me happy and wake up ! Donna , better than the sleeping voice of Karen ZZzzzzzzzzz

    • I Madonna will sings for Karen Karpenter “” BORDELINE “” and with an new line .. Dont forgot to eat …. lol

  6. Shut up bitch karen could sing better then any other feamle artist you have to earn my respect idiot

    • No girl dont forget to clean youre mouth after sing on the dildo ? hahaha
      Karen is an good music for oldtimers and for youre angry brains ! Sleep on Cimmaron !

  7. Mabey haved Cimarron not s*x in her life ?
    Play with youre dildo and listen to Karen s song Sollitair !? lol

    • Celine Dion wins of Karen Carpenter to !!! Celine haved more power and feeling in her songs and her voice is not so sleeps as Karen ! Son of a Bitch thats you Cimmaron with youre ugly f*ck face !
      Haved respect and dont say nasty words to me ! Baby cry girl .

  8. I see Janis Joplin and she sings “”Cry Baby “” , How do you think of Janis Joplin Cimarron ?
    In my opinions , its likes she fight a war for herselfs ? But its a rare amazing great talent on stage !!! I loved that too !

    • What do you mean with ide hural , i never hear of that ?
      Karen haved the same voice of Katy Westmoreland or is Katy sings better than Karen ?

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