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  1. You compare lady gaga to karen carpenter no wonder your girlfriend dumped you smart move for her lol

    • Lady Gaga the show girl next to Madonna ! The best 2 Showgirls and they sings real on stage in a sexy outfits .
      Do you see Karen inher skeleton body in the same outfits as Madonna or Gaga ???? Oh my Lordy !

  2. Cimarron help i will be very depressed of Karen Carpens voice ..Oooh i feel so down of Karen s songs , no wonder she dont eat anymore ? ! … Madonna saved me now lalalalalala

    • We should keep all the comments positive! All of these women are talented! We just disagree on who is the best because we have our own taste in music! I happen to believe Joan Jett is the best and so do a lot of other people! All you have to do is look at the votes to see that Joanie is obviously LOVED by many!

  3. Hey Cry baby [ Cimarron } Is Lady Gaga not better than Karen ?
    If i listen to Lady Gaga then i am wake up , but by Karen i fall in sleep quickly …. Zzzzzzzz

  4. Cher is the Queen of Rock and Roll , I see Karen not to sing Rock songs ….uhhh mabey under the rock sleeping !

  5. Donna Summer sings happyer as the sleep voice of Karen Karpenter , Listen to Karen first and dream on Donna s song “” I Feel Love ” Yes thats makes me happy and wake up ! Donna , better than the sleeping voice of Karen ZZzzzzzzzzz

    • I Madonna will sings for Karen Karpenter “” BORDELINE “” and with an new line .. Dont forgot to eat …. lol

  6. Shut up b* karen could sing better then any other feamle artist you have to earn my respect idiot

    • No girl dont forget to clean youre mouth after sing on the dildo ? hahaha
      Karen is an good music for oldtimers and for youre angry brains ! Sleep on Cimmaron !

  7. Mabey haved Cimarron not s*x in her life ?
    Play with youre dildo and listen to Karen s song Sollitair !? lol

    • Celine Dion wins of Karen Carpenter to !!! Celine haved more power and feeling in her songs and her voice is not so sleeps as Karen ! Son of a B* thats you Cimmaron with youre ugly f*ck face !
      Haved respect and dont say nasty words to me ! Baby cry girl .

  8. I see Janis Joplin and she sings “”Cry Baby “” , How do you think of Janis Joplin Cimarron ?
    In my opinions , its likes she fight a war for herselfs ? But its a rare amazing great talent on stage !!! I loved that too !

    • What do you mean with ide hural , i never hear of that ?
      Karen haved the same voice of Katy Westmoreland or is Katy sings better than Karen ?

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