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  1. Hey what if Karen kisses Elvis ?
    Than did i warning Elvis , for Karen her puck over his face , when she kisses him !
    Elvis dont Kiss Karen please , her puck is to dangers ! lol

    • More fat for Karen please ? A little less more fat for Karen …Hey a little confortation in her toilet …tun tun ta tun … little more puck here and an little more puck dear Yeeee A little more puck there ,, hey hey

  2. Hey Cimarron if Elvis saw Karen than he runs away to the Mc Burger , and he told to the Mc Burger , more Hamburgers for Karen please and lock al the toilets there !!! lol
    If Elvis fall on Karen than she was so flat as an 1 cent dollar ! lol

  3. Hey Cimarron did you know that the most people dont know who Karen Carpenter was ???
    Celine Dion haved more hits and albums than Karen ever can dream !
    But Karen was so deaf , thats the blame of the sound from her toilets !!! Oooops Karen puke youre eat in Cimarons edge !

  4. And by the way i dont think Madona is healthy mental wise she still thinks shes sexy at 60 lol shes a delusional nothing poor poor slut lol

  5. And your still a dragon headed faggot with no real taste in music other then elvis i feel bad because that brain of yours is play dough lol

  6. Cimmaron how old was Karen when she died ? Madonna is alive and well , and Cher her pussy is so hot today ….
    Cimmaron are you skinny to ??? lol

    • Hi TCB yes i am skinny tinny too how do you do ?
      Karen was likes my body … ooopps my donut i spuw it out in my toilets !

      • Hey Cimmiron the toilet is clogged ? And now ? Where spuw youre eat donuts now too ?
        1. In youre magnatron [ receyling youre dinner donuts …lol
        2. Or you eat it 4 times …. as an cow did !
        3. Or you gived youre donut puke to you re partner !

  7. I can vote for everything except “King of Music”, what???Are you upset that Elvis was soo far ahead that now we can’t vote for him?

  8. Karen is better then that slutty ass Madona karen never had to show off her body to be relevent lol and by the way king tcb you have lost my respect good luck fighting your own battles

  9. Madonna like a virgin and 4 minutes thats makes me an happy human !!!
    Cimaron likes depressed music you know … Karen Carpenter so sleeepppping Zzzzzzz….. Sja lalala slaaaalaaa

    • Not in the real music world ! Mad Cimarono Calimero ..i am little [ Cartoon Calimero ] lol
      I mean that Karen the little singer is than Cher Madonna and Gaga !
      I was sleeping in fall again if i think of Karen now …Zzzzzzzz Oh what an depressed voice has Karen ,SSSttttt I am sleep Zzzzzzzzz

  10. Hi i am MJ and i loved the puke of Karen over my face , Hiii hiii hi ha ho an new facelift made from Karen her puke !

  11. I listen to Karen her song of “” Still in Love i you “” To who was Kare Carpenter sing that song ? Her toilet , to puke het eating in her loverly toilet ? Her best hit Cimmaron i think that Karen the perfect match of Michael Jackson is !!
    The two Skeletons are still in love in the toilets , 1 with Demorol and the 2e with full of puke over MJs face ! hahahaha

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