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  1. Mirror Mirror on the wall who was the most beautifull music woman of this world ?
    Mirror answers ; Chakira is the most beautifull woman ever in this world !!!
    TCB ask ; Uh and Madonna ?
    Mirror ; Yes she 2nd a beauty …!!!
    TCB ; And Karen Carpenter ?
    Mirror ; Karen ? Mmmm mabey in Cimarrons bedroom as an dildo skeleton .
    TCB ‘; I agreed that Mirror , lol hahaha

  2. Another news of CHER she is back in Hollywood !!!!!!!!
    Karen where are youuuu hooooowhoooo , mabey she is find in her toilet ?

  3. Why did Karen runs to her toilets ?
    1. She yodel in the toilet …. yhoooohoooo
    2. She wants to see het 2 seconds eating … and she eat it as an cow !
    3. She see her poo as an microphone !

  4. Cimarron Celine Dion is the real queen in voices , Karen was nothing if Celine sings !!!

  5. Karen Carpenter died from starvation. She refused to eat because she saw fat in the mirror, even when she was a skeleton. She had a nice voice and actually tried to make a more modern dance record before she suddenly died in 1983 at the young age of 32. So tragic, so sad.

    • Thats proofs how dump she was [ she saw fat in the mirror , even when she was a skeleton ? ]
      Or she has not good eyes ?

      • The poor woman had a disease that had to be both physical and mental. It really is not funny, but at least Karen Carpenter helped bring awareness to the problem that women sometimes suffer with in society. We know that Mama Cass was grossly obese and was said to have died choking on a ham sandwich. Maybe, Karen saw herself in that fat Mamas and Papas singer. She was certainly never fat to begin with, so to me, it does not make sense. It was tragic that no one back then could help her. In the end, her heart failed and it was no longer was big enough to pump blood through her body. Being constantly underweight made her organs shrink to the size of a child. By starvation, the woman finally had a heart attack from the damage that she already done to her heart. 32 years old is way too young to die.

  6. Ohh tcb i loved tampons in my ear Ohhhh Karen i am be a fool ohh whoo Karen dont s* my tampon ooohhh
    Run on for a long time , to the toilet Karen !

  7. Cimtampon do you liked types of Karen bones [ I called Karen Carpenter now as Karen bones ! ]
    Cimmaron is yours Tampon stinks if you hear Karen sings hahahaha
    Cimmaron do you fast dirty 2 weeks old tampons in youre ears if you hear Karen ! hahaha
    Karen used her tampons under her skinny boobs .

  8. And who are you faggot karen had something in her voice you will never have might wanna get your stds checked 😂

  9. And JOAN JET is an JOKE here in music !!! Madonna blows Joan hard off the stage as an paper toilet !!!
    Cher pushed Joan as an little ant from off the stage !!!! Joan whos that greepy girl ? Cher will say hmmm the beast in mymovie was an beauty than Joan the Witch !!!

  10. Hey Cimmaron in one word , i said that you haved no enything taste of music in youre nutty fuck brains son of a b*
    Onley what you can say is F* here ! D* !!!
    Madonna Cher Britney Tina Turner Aretha is the Queens !!!
    Karen was an lonely soft singer , Its used for people with psygose and for people with an lonely greepy lifestyle !
    So sad are you Cimaron Duck face !!! SHUT UP !!!!


  12. I respect your opinion but i never listened to madona and i only listen to cher with sony sorry

    • I haved 4 options
      With who wants you an date Cimarron !
      1. With Karen Carpenter .
      2. With Cher .
      3. With Elvis .
      4. With Lisa Marie .

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