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  1. Uh uh beyonca is lame sorry presley fans im not with elvis on this one karen is a much better vocalist then lisa marie Presley

  2. I liked Beyonce s Oh Oh Oh Oh , loved that she is pretty sexy !!!
    Karen Yhoooohoooo tinny are in the dollhouse ???

  3. Cimmaron are you realy blind ?
    1. Shakira s eyes … so sexy
    2. Her Face is as an God of heaven …. an real angel
    3. Her Voice is so hot … I melthing
    4. Her Hair is so super sexy and … i loved her hair ,
    5. Her body is so super horny …. SHAKIRA i want you sooooooo


    • Cimmaron are you blind ??
      1. Karen her eyes are so weird .. trouble
      2.Her face is looks likes as chees ?
      3. Her Voice is so sleepnes ….. so down Zzzzzzzzzzz………
      4.Her hair is so dead grass …….. pffffffffff
      5.Her body is so creapy horror tin…… KAREN SEEK HELP !!!!!


  4. Cimmaron i think that Karen s her best song is , “” Glose To You “”
    What does she means with that title ? Glose to you , who was You , YOU Cimmaron ??? lol

  5. Hmmmm Cimarron called now “” Karen Idiot “” or King Idot “” Cimmaron Karen Puck “” lol

  6. Ohh Cimarron said that i am an idiot ?
    Uhhhh Who was running to do puck in the toilets ???
    Karen !! Because she thought that she was fat , but she was so tin as an dead skeleton !
    Kare was the biggest idiot , she was so sad . She most to go to the psygo-doctor , but to late ?

    • Its time to haved an date togeter ?
      1. Are you blond ? Red ? Black ?
      2. Are small or Fat or tinny as Karen ? lol
      So fan , so idol

  7. Donna, Karen, Whitney, Diana, Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga…..the ladies of pop, the divas….who should win the title of QUEEN?

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