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  1. Cimmy are you nuts ?
    The differends of Karen VS Nancy =
    Karen Carpenter ‘;
    1. Her face is as an rabbit .
    2. Her body is an living skeleton .
    3. Her voice is as the rain in an darkness cloud .
    4. So boring .

    Nancy Sinatra the queen.=
    1. Her face is most perfect face ever !!!
    2. Nancy s body is so perfect WOW !!!
    3. Her voice is so soft as the sun ….an angel !!!
    4. So Hot .

  2. Yes i was a fan of Madonna Shakira Cher Ann Margret Celine !
    But 1 woman toucht me in my soul and heart , her eyes face mouth her her everyting and her voice is so pure and so honest
    and real , nobody has the type of charisma in her music as Nancy Sinatra !!! I loved her so much !!!

  3. Oh yes i am in loved aha i am all shook uo aha ye ye !
    Oh i am falling in love for Nancy Sinatra .. realy the butterflyers in my body aha ye ye oh yes !!!
    Nancy haved the most perfect shape and her face are so perfect , het eyes are so hot and her mouth is from Sugar .
    I loved her voice and her moves and all her ..oooohh i want her so i need her so ohoh NANCY I WANT YOU !!!
    She is the most perfect lady i ever seen in my live !!! She is an angel !!!

  4. Ooohhh WOW i listen today the music of NANCY SINATRA !!!!!!!!!!
    WOW She is the most sexy female artist ever lived !!!!!!!!

    I cant take my eyes of her Ohhhhh .. i in loved for her face and voice ! So hot !!!!

  5. No one else of today knows who Karen Carpenter was ? Is that an Carpenter with an girl dress on ? An transgender as an Carpenter ? Cimmaron Madonna is famouse as the queen of music !!!

    • Karen is famouse in the 70s and then she died , a month later she was forgotten in the music world !
      Its over for Karen 30 years ago ! Cimarron read who Madonna is !!!!! Homework !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Listen if you wanna continue this fight fine with me just dont expect me to have your back when the mj wolves attack in fact ill let them eat you abd laugh lol

  7. Hey Cimaron big news of Madonna !!!!
    There will be 108 naked pictures sales on a coutions for 1200 dollar !!!!!

    Will Karen her naked pictures for sales to ??? No 1 cent hahahahaha

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