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  1. Cimmaron who is better in form Karen ? or Madonna now ?
    1. Madonna is old but she looks 30 years old today !!!! i will f* her WOW !!!!
    2. Karen was died to young and thats sad !
    3. Nancy looks great today as an old granny WOW i wish she was my mother …

    • Cimmaron Boy George haved a song thats cals “” Cima Cima Cimmy al days long ? hahahaha
      Is That song for you Cimmaron ? lol

  2. Queation for old Cimarron here !
    1. What is the differends of Karen and Madonna ?
    a. Wow for Madonna ?
    b. Yawn for Karen ?

  3. Karen her best song was Solitair , because Elvis sings that song too , but much better than Karen !!!!

    That woman is evil , her father will hates her for his money !

    NANCY haved more respect for her daddy “” Frank Sinatra “”
    FRANK is proud for his daughter ! I loves Nancy too !!!

  5. Ohhh the modern Nancy is today Kylie Minogue !!!! Ohhh What a hunk !!!!!
    She haved the same sexy mouth and eyes as NANCY !!!! My dreams came true !
    Karen where are you ???? Under the Rock , so old and forgoten now !
    Votes for NANCY !!!

  6. If you haved problem with youre sleep … take not an sleeping pill .
    Take an cd of Karen Carpenter and you sleep in a now time …… Zzzzzz
    Sleep well . lol
    I love Karen more now ….. Zzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Its almost spring time ! Karen the cow was so happy , she runs her fat off from her small tin body …. and jumps as an tin drum stick on the meadow-land .. Jump Jump and she was dizzy and she wasted on the grass , and all the grass was dying and sick as Karen was ……
    The story has no end ….. more is coming !

  8. An story
    Karen was singing with her flimsy pulse with an heavy microphone on stage , she sings in the garden full of cows fans .
    If she sings than screams all her fans load Booobooo moeooohooooo as cows .
    After 2 minutes then was all her fans sleeping on the grass and all the milk was sour .
    That was the blame of Karen her sleeping cow voice …………

    Great poom storys of Karen the cow… will be followed later …

  9. Hey Cimmaron why are dont talk back here? I spoke the real storys of Karen her life time . Its an very sad ending for her ?
    She sings as an sleeping cow , you know , and Nancy sounds , as an angel it makes youre more happy and wake up than boring karen right ?!!! Yes i said !

  10. oh oh Karen , there comes NANCY behind you ……..
    And Cimmy is gone ? Yoouuhoooooo Cimmy where are youuuuuuuu .

    I think that Cimmy is stuck in Karen s toilet ?

      • Ok Cimmy , used Karen s her vomit as l* jelly for youre head .
        And sing “” Stuck on you “” and sing ten , i am stuck on Karens toilet aha ye ye uhu uhu Stuck like me !

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