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  1. My big Boots will walking over Cimmarons feets and he said Auwww for my boots and he never walk the same … all that Cimmaron said is Yes my Nancy you are the Queen !!!!

  2. Hi TCB i am alive and well .. i am incranated as Debbie Rowe .
    I am now fat and i gived MJ lession “” How can you lossed youre fat and nose “”
    I said MJ you run too the toilet and puck on as how you losed youre nose so tin as i was as Karen in my other live ?
    Cimmaron is f*cked Debbie the Whale ….. and used the picture of Karen on Debbies face … lol.. hahahaha
    Greetings Karen Carpenter !

  3. But onley Karen sings better than Joan Jett Cimarron !
    Joan Jet sounds as a man too , lol . Karen is lebienes thats why she was sick in her brains and body . lol

  4. Ann Margrett danced and sing better than Karen Karpenter .
    Her voice is as an soft butterfly in the sky .
    Karen sounds as an man if you listen to Ann-Margret and later Karen .
    Was Karen a man ??? lol

  5. Yes TCB you right Nancy sinas haved an better voice and her daddy is famouse .
    and Karan has not a fame daddy MJ was a fan of Nancy .

  6. I never hear Karen singing on the radio or reclame .
    Onley Nancy is hear on the reclame TV Renau** car , the whole month !!!
    Hurray for”” the Secret Agent”” Nancy !!!

  7. Oops Cimmaron are you upset tonight ? Do you miss me lalalalala lalalalalala , hahahahaha
    Uhhh … Karen did not wearing Boots ? hmmmm I think her legs are to tin for the boots of Nancy , Nancy have real flesh on her legs oooohh super sexy legs with her boots , and boobs .!!

  8. The most famouse singer is Frank Sinatra and his daughter is so famouse as her father in music .
    Karen Carpenter is not so famouse as Nancy Sinatra .
    And Nancy is populair in the boots world .

  9. King if you insult karen one more time i will go on of music poll and i will tell everyone you are a fraud i will embaress you they will turn on you and you will never live it down so think long and hard of the next thing that comes out of your mouth

  10. On TV reclame for an france Car Ren***L sings Nancy Sinatra ” Secret Agent ” !!!! Wow
    Cimmaron where is Karen on TV ????

      • Judging someone you dont know your obviously an idiot with a two cent brain lol

      • And by the way karen is more loved then that fag Nancy with her shitfilled boots ewwww people just threw things at her tell she quit singing lol bye bye Nancy never come back here

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