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  1. “” Play with my b**bs “”
    Side A ;
    1. Hit my b**bs oops………
    2. Shake with youre b**bs girls ….
    3. Dont scrap you re p**** , if you seen Elvis , ….
    4. Kiss me forever …. on my hot lips ….
    5. Take me to the cabine in the truck , trucker !
    Side B ‘;
    6. Dont tell my father , if i kisses Elvis ssssttttt …. grauwwwww …
    7. My boots dont walking its to hot today ….
    8. Do the Boobsy b**bs dance in the water ….
    9. Hot as my c*nt ….
    10. Talk not with Cimmaron please ?…..

  2. An new album in making …
    “”Karen sleeps tonight “”
    Side A ;
    1. I drums tonight in my toilets ….
    2. My theet is made from an rabbit theet…
    3. Softly i closed my eyes ….
    4. My new bed is coming from Nancy s cat ….
    5. I eat now fress grass ….
    Side B;
    6. Sleep in my vomit ….
    7. Not for sale … my toilet $$$$ its to spanded !
    8. My eyes was heavy if i sings a song , shalalalal sha la lalalali
    9. Top on the toilet …. ( world problem )
    10. My presents on my birthday was an stink boots from Nancy ? [ sing a song ?]

  3. This comments is made for discusions of who sings better !
    If you not can talk of who haved the best voice looks or talent , what are you doing here ?
    Thats also for Cimmaron , i talk who sings better and sounds better thats all ?
    Dolly Parton and Nancy or Madonna where more famouse than Karen Carpenter .
    The most say Karen WHO ???? The truth is to hard for you Cimmaron !
    By By By
    I talk onley with the Red Lady , she is clever and smarter than who else here !

  4. The best female singer than Karen the ruminant was also Dolly Parton ! “” Joline “” that song was more populair in the end 70s / 80s than Karen her whole singing cariere !

  5. I hear Karen s song Top on the world song in my head ???? What is going on with me ? The ghost of Karen sings for to me ???

  6. My big Boots will walking over Cimmarons feets and he said Auwww for my boots and he never walk the same … all that Cimmaron said is Yes my Nancy you are the Queen !!!!

  7. Hi TCB i am alive and well .. i am incranated as Debbie Rowe .
    I am now fat and i gived MJ lession “” How can you lossed youre fat and nose “”
    I said MJ you run too the toilet and puck on as how you losed youre nose so tin as i was as Karen in my other live ?
    Cimmaron is f*cked Debbie the Whale ….. and used the picture of Karen on Debbies face … lol.. hahahaha
    Greetings Karen Carpenter !

  8. But onley Karen sings better than Joan Jett Cimarron !
    Joan Jet sounds as a man too , lol . Karen is lebienes thats why she was sick in her brains and body . lol

  9. Ann Margrett danced and sing better than Karen Karpenter .
    Her voice is as an soft butterfly in the sky .
    Karen sounds as an man if you listen to Ann-Margret and later Karen .
    Was Karen a man ??? lol

  10. Yes TCB you right Nancy sinas haved an better voice and her daddy is famouse .
    and Karan has not a fame daddy MJ was a fan of Nancy .

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