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    • Desde España feliz cumple DONNA, estés donde estés te queremos y no te olvidaremos nunca♥️♥️♥️

  1. A couple days ago i listen to the radio and an song of Karen Carpenter s “” Top Of The World “”!
    I was inging with her in my truck WOW what a voice , the best song of Karen !
    Sorry too Cimarron now i hear her best song , you right now i know what you mean about Kare Carpenter !

  2. Joan jet is the best ..we all love her music. She is the queen of music…I m her fanI love Joan Jett…she is winner

    • I agree with you totally, Joan Jett is the greatest and will be crowned Queen of Music for 2018!!! Unfortunately the Donna Summer fans are just poor losers! There is no voting scam! Joan Jett has many more fans than the others in this contest and we all vote consistently because Joan is The Queen of Music! Donna Summer had good music but has not done anything in many years. Joan Jett on the other hand has put out new music , which we all love, and continues to tour all over the world to sell out crowds! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF MUSIC – JOAN JETT 🎸🎸🎸

      • Again the irrational votes for Joan jett continued through the last week of voting , one day 80 votes another 90 then suddenly over 400????

  3. Shakira..Shania twain..tina charles. Celone Deon..cher….Diana Ross..Briteny Spears…jennifer lopez..janet Jackson and the Best is Donna Summer..among all this they should be Queen of music not Joan jetn…she only screams no meaning no proper lyrics… Sometime people find it fake votes bcause when ever Donna Summer receives votes. That time voting stops for JJ…after Donna Summer votes stop Jj votes sudden increase…

  4. Oh my god shouting and screaming makes u singer no meaning no wording no good lyrics mahes her best singer the queen of music ..I think cheating..Donna Summer is best she gets her teal votes from her friend

    • LOL, Irregular votes , Joann Jett has alot of fans that cheat, just look how inconsistent they vote, that is cheating , it is so obvious, you can not have over 400 votes one day then less than 200 the next so happy cheating Joan Jett fans well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh waith a minute , how more healty the artist how better the music and voice is !!!
        If i said that Donna an better sings than Karen , its the truth ! Donna is better in voice .

  5. DonnaSummer won 5 Grammy Awards here are some ,1979 best ROCK VOCAL PERFOEMANCE for ” Hot Stuff ”
    1983 Best Inspiranial Performance for “He’s A Rebel”
    1984 Best inspirational performance for ” Forgive me ” A total of 18 nominations including best R&B SONG BEST POP Best ROCK Vocal In 1980 was awarded Outstanding Recording Artist by NAACP Also inducted in ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME IN 2013, SO NOT SUCH A FORGOTEN DISCO SINGER WHO WAS LOST IN THE 70’S ONLY ONE OVERALL SINGER ? QUEEN DONNA SUMMER

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