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  1. Karen her”” Top of the world”” is her best song , but Nancy sings better hits “” Boots made for Walking “” !
    Karen was sick and thats very sad , if sha was alive today what was her music of today ?
    Cimmaron what was Karen her best hit ?

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  3. Hey Cimmaron the onley way you can say to me is “” Oh yes TCB youre right i am sorry Nancy is more an princess as Karen her ugly face ? And we are friends now !

    • Onley you can say what you will , and an another cant say what he will ?
      Hmm … Nancy is and was more an beauty in shape and her voice than Karen , Karen was an man-girl voice with an onhealty shape so ugly she likes an skeleton ! Sorry Cimmaron i cant liare what i seen and hear of Karen ? Nancy plays in Elvis movie and she was waiting when Elvis coming home from Germany as soldier and Nancy gives Elvis an kiss and presents !!! Thats Nancy , Karen did not loves Elvis .

  4. Ok Cimmaron i do what you will ?
    Than i ask you finding an Karen fanclub and good luck ! by by
    This site is made for an open door for talking who is the best artist and if you dont liked the truth then play with an another hobby bv tell the flowers in youre garden or the bees or tell the birds ?

      • Yes Dusty Spingfields Cimarron ! I am glad that you are healty and well for an real female singer ! Karen was an ant vs Dusty !

      • You need to stop talking to me there is such thing as harassment claim leave me alone

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  6. Just listened to Joan Jett. Can say she’s nothing special.
    Much prefer Susie Quattro. At least she had hits in England. Suzie’s now touring with her son.
    Joan Jett will never stand the test of time like Elvis or Cliff.

      • Well Cliff is still recording and still touring after 60 years in show business.
        If that’s not standing test of time. I don’t know what is.

    • You Michael Jackson haters cheat to deny votes for his lovely sister Janet, the real queen of music. Who is Joan Jett or Susie Quattro, but manufactured white women that could never hold a candle to Janet, Diana Ross or Donna Summer. Those wicked white folks tear down black men and women to whitewash the true musical giants of pop history. Joan Jett is not the queen of anything. The games have to end. Stop cheating.

      • Love your sense of humor lol Micheal was amazing but Janet is nowhere close to some of the greatest female singers in history go back to your warm hole lol

  7. Don’t know or heard Joan Jett. Must be only known in America.
    Just looked her up and she certainly hadn’t charted well in England.
    I like Suzy Quattro. Is she anything like her.

  8. Nancy Sinatra is very healty and alive today !!!
    Karen Karpenter is dead as an worn ? Very sad !
    Votes for Nancy Sinatra OK !!!!!!!

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